Podcast | The Parenting Copywriter | Interview with Sarah Davis

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Sarah Davis a few weeks back. Sarah is a published author and spoke about how the inspiration for the poems in her book came to her during the many night feeds with her, then, small baby.

Sarah’s love of writing led her to take a copywriting course and to launch her own business creating content for parenting blogs, books and businesses.

It was so lovely listening to a couple of Sarah’s poems and you can check out her book HERE.

Honestly I had never thought how a copywriter could help my business, to me they were something that the big magazines and blogs had need for, not little old me with my blog and podcast. But Sarah explained how she has been helping parenting blogs/websites with creating content and now it seems like a no brainer.

I want you guys to use the comments to tell me if a copy writer is something you’d have considered before this interview and if it is something that you would now consider using.

I love that I am discovering so many new things via this podcast. If you’ve found it helpful, inspirational or just worth a listen please do go ahead and drop me a 5* rating, I’ll love you long time.

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