Podcast | The Epsom Bakehouse | Interview with Rhiannon Abbot

Does anyone else feel like time just mushes together at Christmas? I swear I went to bed yesterday and it was Friday and I’ve woken up on Wednesday! Which is why this blog post is. day lat in reaching you… opps!!

So this week’s podcast I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Rhiannon from The Epsom Bakehouse. I was so excited to get Rhiannon on as I’d never come across a business quite like hers!

Rhiannon started her business making and selling the most amazing looking bread which then developed into her training and teaching others to do the same, when covid hit she, like many others, had to pivot her business massively to allow it to continue running.

Thankfully Rhiannon already had a bit of a social media presence which allowed her to reach out to her followers and create online courses, group bake alongs and other amazingly doughy ideas. You can find out more about Rhiannon and The Epsom Bakehouse on the latest episode of the podcast by searching “She Makes Biz Talk” where ever you normally tune in to listen.

Now for the part where you help ME!! My mission for my podcast is to help and inspire others to get started or grow heir business, I plan on doing this by having other business owners tell their stories and give their business tips. As you know podcasting does not pay (well not until you are big time anyway) so I am doing this purely for you. If you have listened to my podcast I would love for you to leave me a 5* review and for you to share your favourite episode on social media using #shemakesbiztalk and tagging @itsmichellemills this helps me to be seen and motivates me to continue creating content for you 🙂

You can find Rhiannon on her website The Epsom Bakehouse or on her social media Facebook and Instagram.

We will see you with the last episode of 2020 next Tuesday.

Michelle xx

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