Podcast | The Content Planning Wizard | Interview with Amy Downes

Amy was an absolute dream to have on the show this week, her passion for what she does and the people that she works with really shone through and became infectious. The conversation flowed and we soon racked up over an hour’s worth of air time. The problem was that when it came time to edit I really struggled with removing anything, it was all such good content.

Let down by my audio equipment and children who decided it would be a great time to drag each other round the garden on a sledge would have seen me abandoning the interview once upon a time but I really feel that this is who I am and that my audience appreciate that about me, I’ll never be a perfect presenter and I’m kinda okay with that!

We started the interview with Amy telling us all about how she came to be in the business she is in, what exactly a content planning wizard is and what she can do to help small businesses, her “power hours” sound amazing and are bookable through her social media channels and a quick glance around her Facebook will give you a taste of just how incredibly talented this lady is at her job.

Want to know how to plan your content for the whole of 2021?
It’s not as scary as it sounds!
With the start of the year all sorted, things are starting to settle down and hopefully you’ll be finding a routine.
It’s a great time to take a look at your social media and plan what you want to post in the coming weeks and months, once that’s all figured it’s one less thing on your very busy to-do list!
I’m proud to have been invited to speak on lots of networking sessions where I’ll be helping fellow mums in business get their content calendar for the year sorted.
I’d love for you to join me at one of the following sessions on Facebook (I’ll share the links to each event in the comments):
– Wednesday 13th January, 7 pm, Mums in Business Int. Networking Hinckley
– Thursday 28th January, 8pm, Mums in Business Int. Networking Leeds and Wakefield
-Monday 1st February, 7:30 pm, Mums in Business Int. Networking Preston and Blackpool
– Tuesday 9th February, 1pm, The Entrepreneurs Growth Group.
I’m also appearing on the She Makes Biz Talk podcast which is out tomorrow!

The above was one of Amy’s posts from today and gives you a taste of the type of content you can expect from her and what her brand is all about.

You can find Amy on her social media channels; Facebook, Facebook Group, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Have you joined our new Facebook group yet? Get yourself over to SHE Makes BizTalk – The Network and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

Lastly, I have a huge favour to ask you all… please head over to where ever you listen to your podcasts and leave me a 5* rating and review. I’ll be doing shoutouts in upcoming interviews and you might just find yourself featured.

Take care, stay safe.

Michelle xx

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