Podcast | Financial Adviser | Interview with Nicola Tempest Hall

I had the absolute please in interviewing Nic for this weeks podcast episode, Nic is a wealth of information on all things financial and I took away so much value from our chat.

This pandemic has opened my eyes of how fragile life is and how we get comfortable in our lives but when something happens that takes our ability to earn away we all need a back up plan. Nic tells us what the back up plan could look like and how we’d go ahead and get that in place for our future selves.

If you haven’t hear I have just relaunched my Etsy Masterclass, this time it will be run via a private Facebook group where I will do daily live videos for 5 days, these videos will cover everything from choosing your name and the steps to open your shop right through to marketing, titles, tags and descriptions finishing with a launch strategy! You will also receive a FREE etsy shop audit from me which is worth £75!

The course starts on the 8th Feb and is just £29.. it will not be available at this price again so if you are looking to launch, relaunch and grow your handmade business you need to book now via this link.

Finally, please do go ahead and give my podcast a 5* rating and review, it helps me to be seen and is helping me to grow my audience which will help me keep it going.

Until next time, stay safe. Michelle xx

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