Podcasting for Business Awards

Back in early January I stumbled across a Facebook post for an awards ceremony for Indie podcasters. I bookmarked the add so that I could keep an eve on the event and hopefully sign up next year. Some how I found myself on the website page and entering my baby podcast, the podcast that had been going less than 8 weeks, the podcast that had fewer than 10 episodes! I entered and thought nothing of it!

A couple of weeks later the entry deadline passed and had something to look forward too on a dreary mid January day! It was going to be an evening of hanging out with podcasters and podcast listeners if nothing else!

I only went and bloody won!! I was shocked to bits, I could hardly believe I made the top 4 let alone won my category!! To say I’ve been on cloud 9 since then is an understatement, my award now has pride of place behind me so you’ll get used to seeing it in my videos.. you may get a bit sick of me mentioning it but if I don’t toot my own horn no one will!

So where now? What does an award winning podcaster do? Retire? Do guest appearances around the world for money?? I wish! Nothing as glamorous just yet but I am planning on making the podcast even better, interviewing more guest who fit my criteria and overall continue to coach female business owners on launching, re launching and growing their online creative business.

You can watch my section of the awards ceremony here;

I really do thank each and every person who listens, shares and supports my podcast and all of my projects. I appreciate you all.

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