Podcast | Bare Kind | Interview with Lucy Jeffery

Lucy is a woman on a mission. She left her career in banking to pursue her dream of running a business that is not only sustainable but that also means she can help out charities with some financial renumeration.

After watching the horrific video of a sea turtle having a plastic straw pulled from its nostril Lucy knew that she wanted to play her part in the battle against single use plastic so embarked on a journey to sell an alternative to plastic straws. This then developed into sourcing a supplier for bamboo material, which is a sustainable and eco friendly fabric, that she could have custom designed and made into socks.

There are currently 5 different designs featuring a different animal on each pair, the animal featured represents the charity that it is supporting. For every sale of the design above 10% of the profit goes to The Turtle Foundation.

Lucy has new designs in process which will be available in April, she has worked with a graphic designer to create all her images to date but hopes that she will be able to design her images herself in future.

During our interview Lucy spoke of her morning routine which involves a freezing cold shower, this is something I have heard of in the past and decided to give it ago, I speak briefly of my findings on the podcast but I will go into more detail, on how it has affected me, at a later date.

Please do check out Lucy’s website HERE, her products are for a great cause and I know that Lucy, and all the animals she helps out, will appreciate your support!

As always, please let me know your thoughts on today’s episode, don’t forget to come and join the Facebook group and I’ll be back with another episode next week.

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