Clear the Clutter | Interview with Janine McDonald

Have you ever looked around your house/office and wondered where all this “stuff” came from? Or maybe you’ve headed to Ikea with the sole purpose of picking up more storage as you just cannot fit everything into what you have available to you at that time?

Last year I moved home twice, the first move was to a bigger house. Did I use that opportunity to get rid of the junk… er I mean belongings that no longer served me? Nope! I simply took them with me knowing I had more space to hide store them in.

When we moved the second time we decided to get a skip, well actually my husband made that part of the requirements of moving again. We ended up chucking away 2 large, skip full, loads! The shocking part being that half of it was still in boxes from the first move and I had no idea what it was 😦

So yeah, the need too hoard is strong inside me!!

Janine McDonald – Clear the Clutter Now

Janine knows all about this feeling, having been in the same situation she found herself ashamed of the mess and wanting to rid herself of the clutter.

Not only did decluttering make her home cleared she unexpectedly found that her mind was clearer to and found that having her head free gave her empowerment and a new found confidence.

As you can imagine, this one act of clearing the clutter from her home was an unexpected turning point in Janine’s life. So much so that she found she wanted to help others gain this newfound freedom.

So, Clear the Clutter Now, was born. Janine starts out with an initial call/chat to try to dig deep on the cause and reason behind the clutter starting in the first place. Her understanding tone and empathetic demeanour really help to put you at ease, right from that first call.

Now, remember the storage we talked about at the beginning of this post? Well Janine’s top tip was to NOT go and buy extra storage. Clear the clutter by organising into 3 piles; Keep, Bin, Donate. Not only does this free up storage that you already have but Janine also goes on to tell you ways to use other things that you currently have before investing in extra items.

Tips such as; using a toilet roll insert to store wrapping paper, shoe boxes to store computer games and getting the kids in to help organise and decorate the storage to encourage them to keep it that way. All these are in today’s episode of the podcast. Plus so much more!

Janine uses her platforms to show you how using essential oils fit in her “Clear home, clear head, clear heart” mantra.

If you would like to know more about Janine and how you can work with her head over to her facebook page HERE and say hi, tell her you heard the podcast and would love to know how she can help you!!

Whilst you are over on the old book of face, don’t forget to check out my free support and growth community She Makes Biz Talk where you can enjoy business and life tips for female entrepreneurs. We also have 2 free networking meetings a month and every Tuesday at 8pm I have a different expert come in to give training to help you grow your business.

I hope to see you there.

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