Becoming a grey hair, curve model after 45 | with Rachael Peru

Have you ever “met” anyone and their story turned out to be so so different to what you had imagined? That was the case with my guest this week. I had seen Rachael Peru around in some mutual Facebook groups and I must admit, I’ve had a bit of a fan girl moment. Rachael is amazingly kind and open and very easy to have a conversation with.

I just assumed that her modelling career started when she was younger and had progressed to what it is today. Never did I expect that at the age I am now she was facing divorce and had set out on a journey to rediscover herself and her identity.

After going back to University, Rachael felt that the next chapter of her life would be following her passion to become a teacher and whilst that was true for a while, the universe had different plans for this silver fox.

A friend introduced Rachael to a charity modelling event which she faced “with a few too many gins, but felt empowered once she left the catwalk”, so much so that it became a bit of an annual occurrence until she was encouraged to take modelling up full time.

Leeds is a busy city and Rachael set off with the goal to get a few “local gigs” but that was blown out of the water and she was quickly snapped up by a London agency.

Rachael is often featured In household publications

Sharing her goals of one day modelling in New York you can tell that there is so much passion for what she does and she really is knocking the stereotype of mid life out of the park. So much so that as well as her podcast “Out Of The Bubble” Rachael is now working as a “Midlife Body Confidence Coach” to empower others to love their body.

Please do go and check out all that Rachael has to offer, you can catch her on Instagram, Facebook, her Facebook group and her podcast.

Another amazing achievement.

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