What’s it like, working with me? | Episode 1

Establishing yourself as a coach is bloody hard work, fact! One of the biggest things that we deal with is trust and confidence and for that we really do need potential clients to know, like and trust us.

This is something that comes a lot easier once you have established rapport with potential clients but reaching a new audience can be a struggle.

So, to combat this I decided to launch this new series of podcast episodes where I interview my current or past clients about what it is like to work with me.

My aim with these episodes is for you, yes you reading this right now, to hear first hand how my coaching has helped different people move forward with their business and overcome any limiting beliefs or personal blocks that they have.

I will also be popping up case studies on my instagram and Facebook business page so that you can read the situations I’ve coached people through and what the outcome of our sessions are.

In todays episode I interview the lovely Michael Haigh from The Leap Coaching, yes he’s a boy and yes he is also a coach! Michael and I met through the ICF coaching programme that we are both attending to attain our International Coaching Foundation accreditation. We were put together to work as part of a triad and we built a really nice rapport even in the first session.

I’ve coached Michael on several subjects within his business from starting his own podcast to niching down his client base and following his dream of supporting men struggling with mental health.

You can hear what Michael had to say about me below.

You can reach Michael on his Website | Twitter | Linked In

If you’d like to know more about working with me or coming on the podcast you can book a FREE 20 minute call with me HERE.

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