Positive Changes | with Shelley F Knight

This week’s podcast guest is Shelley Knight, podcast host and author. I first met Shelley at the beginning of 2021 when our podcasts were in the same awards category.

Right from the get go Shelley has been like a been of sunshine and her positivity really is uplifting.

In the podcast we talk about how Shelley went from being a nurse for the NHS, looking after end of life patients, whilst struggling with her fertility and loosing her beloved step dad to developing her spirituality, setting up her podcast and becoming a best selling author with her “Self Kick” book.

For the first time ever I talk openly about my experience of being told I’d miscarried and how, by refusing medical intervention, I now have a sassy 8 year old daughter. This was spurred on by a very similar experience that Shelley shared, in fact we had quite a few “woo woo” moments.

Shelley wrote her Best Selling book after discovering a blockage whilst on a chakra course.

Have you ever been in a position where you have been drawn to develop your spiritual side? Maybe you come from a science back ground but have gone on to develop a love for “the woo woo” or something along those lines? If you have then I’d love to hear from you.

SO, what’s Shelley’s book about? “Positive Changes: A Self-Kick Book” well, it’s a self help book designed to kick you up the bum and spur you into action. The introduction states “I did not get this wrinkled old face from having a floaty saunter through my years” and I think that really sets the tone for the book.

Shelley is straight talking and draws on her personal experiences to come across as authentic and relatable.

Her podcast has the same alluring qualities as her book and is a very uplifting and sometimes emotional listen. I like to listen along when doing the housework or making the kids tea but I often get so drawn in that I find myself curled up on the sofa with a warm drink listening away.

Check out Shelley’s links HERE and do pop by and say hello to her on her social media channels.

I look forward to bringing you another episode next Tuesday!

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