Hypnotherapy For Business | Interview with Caroline Prout

Every week, on my Podcast, I interview an inspirational business owner/entrepreneur.

It’s my goal, with my podcast, to inspire and motivate my listeners to launch and grow their own business through being inspired by listening to these interviews.

Today’s guest is someone who I first came across in a networking meeting, her story really inspired me as she told of her journey from being poorly to discovering hypnotherapy and how you can “rewire the brain”.

Caroline, Senior Hypnotherapist at Inspire To Change Thrapston, tells us how she suffers from ME as a result of a viral illness that left her extremely poorly. After trying all sorts of different treatments she tried hypnotherapy which led to her journey to where she is today.

Caroline Prout – Inspire To Change – Thrapston

You can tell, through the interview, how passionate Caroline is about helping people. Not just those interested in her services but also people who are interested in hypnotherapy as a career, in fact she is so passionate about it that she coaches and mentors associate hypnotherapists.

One of the most surprising things to come out of the interview has to be that not only does Caroline suffer with anxiety she also has dyspraxia too. A condition which went undiagnosed in her childhood.

Now Caroline is working hard to raise awareness for these conditions so that no child has to feel how she felt as a child which is commendable to say the least.

I really hope you enjoy this week’s episode and will go ahead and leave me a 5* rating AND a review, it really does help me to be seen and keep brining you content.

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