Perfect Your Brand Selfies | Interview with Gerri Campbell

Standing in front of my ring light, phone in hand, neck tilted to obliterate the double chin that has snuck on since lockdown started (who am I kidding, it was there way before then).

Click, click, click as I take multiple selfies to post on my business instagram post, then click, click, click as I hit delete on each one because something just doesn’t.look.right!

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

We know we need to show up, in person, and be present for our audience, all the instagram gurus tell us this, but when it comes to showing our faces to the world it just makes it a little bit harder.

Well, after listening to this podcast episode you will have that worry no more, well you probably would you anxious over thinker, but at least you will know how to get yourself a great selfie to use on your business page.

The lovely Gerri Campbell is my guest this week and not only does she tell the amazing story of her 24 year maternity leave from her job as an accountant (a job she was “terrible” at) to becoming a brand photographer, helping and inspiring women to grow confidence in front of the camera, visually tell their brand story and running masterclasses and free workshops on how to take the best photos for your brand.

I learnt some fantastic tips that I’ve been putting into use and I can already see a difference in my photos!

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You can find Gerri on her INSTAGRAM account. Please do check her out and give her a follow, her content is awesome.

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