Creating a content plan on Trello

My content planning has come on a long way recently.

I’ve gone from sticky notes on my wall to having a fully functioning Trello board with a huge bank of hashtags, captions and images that I can pull up as and when I need them.

It really has revolutionised the way that I create my content each week!

How my content planning used to look!
How my content planning looks now!

For this week’s “Trello Tutorial Thursday” I am showing you exactly how I create my board and the functions that I use to make my life easier.

If you don’t already have a Trello account you can sign up for a free one HERE to get you started right away!

I promise you, I’m not sponsored by Trello at all I just bloody love the programme and all the functions that it offers. Especially when you have the option to collaborate and add your social media manager/VA etc onto the board.

At the minute I’m working with Amy The Content Planning Wizard to bring you a template board which you’ll be able to save and edit as your own board, it will come with lots of captions, hashtags and post ideas that you can tweak and post as your own and best of all it will be fully formatted for you.

To receive this you will need to be signed up to the newsletter HERE

Let me know what you think, don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up, comment and subscribe for more awesome videos to help you go from “Small Business Owner” to CEO!

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