My Struggle With Burnout!

When Boris Johnson announced lockdown last year I had to shut down my salon, I’d worked hard to build up a sucessful business but because of the way the funding worked out I wasn’t entitled to any loss of income.

I was lucky that my husband’s wage covered the bills so I could have taken the time off but that’s not my style.

I decided that home schooling during a pandemic wasn’t challenging enough and decided to launch a brand new business selling my own range of press on acrylic nails.

The business was more sucessful than I could have ever thought and I ended up working all hours of the day and night to get orders made and sent.

Did I mention that during this time my husband was working away so I was flying solo with my 3 small children who forced me to complete Joe Wicks daily, oh god I shudder at that name now, and who’s school work left even me confused?

Looking back now I suppose the first signs of my becoming burnt out was the irritibility and short fuse.

Now, for a bit of context, I was diagnosed as having high functioning anxiety disorder in 2016 so mental ill-health wasn’t new to me and I was well aware of this term “Burnout” but had this image in my mind of the “type” of person that it happened too and this work from home mummy didnt really fit that description.

I remember finishing work one day and hitting the roof because my husband had put a load of washing on and left it scrunched up on top of the machine instead of folded. I remember thinking that It was an over the top reaction, even for me, but still the penny didn’t drop!

On a bad day I slept, ate, slept some more and then opened a bottle of wine in the evening to “destress/unwind”.

In fact it took me getting better before I even realised what had happened to me. When the kids went back to school in September I decided that I’d had enough of feeling stuck and decided that I was going to give up alcohol, change my career and take more time for myself.

It’s taken me alot of time to feel myself again but even now, 6 months later, I have to plan my day meticuosly because the minute I get stressed my skin breaks out and the fatigue returns!

Although it was a pretty crappy time for me, I am pleased that it has lead me to where I am today, with this passion for raising awareness of mental ill-health and how impactful it can be for entrepreneurs and high achievers.

In fact it’s because of my own struggle with mental ill-health that has lead me to become a Mental Health Business Coach, helping business owners, entrepreneurs and high achievers to look forward, set goals and manage boundaries whilst running their business and taking care of their mental health.

Wondering if I can help you? book a free, no obligation, call with me HERE!

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