Creating a content plan on Trello

My content planning has come on a long way recently. I’ve gone from sticky notes on my wall to having a fully functioning Trello board with a huge bank of hashtags, captions and images that I can pull up as and when I need them. It really has revolutionised the way that I create myContinue reading “Creating a content plan on Trello”

Perfect Your Brand Selfies | Interview with Gerri Campbell

Standing in front of my ring light, phone in hand, neck tilted to obliterate the double chin that has snuck on since lockdown started (who am I kidding, it was there way before then). Click, click, click as I take multiple selfies to post on my business instagram post, then click, click, click as IContinue reading “Perfect Your Brand Selfies | Interview with Gerri Campbell”

Are You Marketing to the Right Audience?

Your business exists to solve your customers’ problems. If you can do that effectively and in a unique way, you’re guaranteed to see your business grow. However, if you miss the mark, you won’t see the business growth you want.

Hypnotherapy For Business | Interview with Caroline Prout

Every week, on my Podcast, I interview an inspirational business owner/entrepreneur. It’s my goal, with my podcast, to inspire and motivate my listeners to launch and grow their own business through being inspired by listening to these interviews. Today’s guest is someone who I first came across in a networking meeting, her story really inspiredContinue reading “Hypnotherapy For Business | Interview with Caroline Prout”

How to Work less but achieve more?

Ready to get more done, in less time, and create more income? I know the struggle of having so much on your to-do list that you get to the end of the day having actually achieved nothing! Maybe you flit from one task to another but complete very little? As business owners and entrepreneurs, weContinue reading “How to Work less but achieve more?”

Positive Changes | with Shelley F Knight

This week’s podcast guest is Shelley Knight, podcast host and author. I first met Shelley at the beginning of 2021 when our podcasts were in the same awards category. Right from the get go Shelley has been like a been of sunshine and her positivity really is uplifting. In the podcast we talk about howContinue reading “Positive Changes | with Shelley F Knight”

How to Stop Wasting Time – 10 Simple Things You Can Do to Get More Out of Each Day

Most of us wish there were more hours in the day. But be honest with yourself – even if you had more hours, would you just waste them away?

What’s it like, working with me? | Episode 1

Establishing yourself as a coach is bloody hard work, fact! One of the biggest things that we deal with is trust and confidence and for that we really do need potential clients to know, like and trust us. This is something that comes a lot easier once you have established rapport with potential clients butContinue reading “What’s it like, working with me? | Episode 1”

Becoming a grey hair, curve model after 45 | with Rachael Peru

Have you ever “met” anyone and their story turned out to be so so different to what you had imagined? That was the case with my guest this week. I had seen Rachael Peru around in some mutual Facebook groups and I must admit, I’ve had a bit of a fan girl moment. Rachael isContinue reading “Becoming a grey hair, curve model after 45 | with Rachael Peru”