Hi, I’m Michelle. Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Podcaster, I am on a mission to help female entrepreneurs and business owners to build their businesses so that they can work less but earn more, giving them more time to spend doing what they love.

I fell off the wagon!!

Last year I gave up alcohol. It was the 6th of October and I was sick of using alcohol as a coping mechanism. I had woken up that weekday morning after not quite remembering the night before, the children had school and I now had the torcher of the morning school run (on foot). OnceContinue reading “I fell off the wagon!!”

Podcast | How To Not Say Yes!

Saying no is not an easy task for everyone, I struggled with it for years and today I’m telling you how I conquered it!

My Struggle With Burnout!

How this busy entrepreneur and home schooling mum suffered extreme burn out during lockdown and the tools she used (and now teaches) to prevent others doing the same!


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