Becoming a grey hair, curve model after 45 | with Rachael Peru

Have you ever “met” anyone and their story turned out to be so so different to what you had imagined? That was the case with my guest this week. I had seen Rachael Peru around in some mutual Facebook groups and I must admit, I’ve had a bit of a fan girl moment. Rachael isContinue reading “Becoming a grey hair, curve model after 45 | with Rachael Peru”

Clear the Clutter | Interview with Janine McDonald

Ever felt overwhelmed at all the “stuff” you have in your home? Or found yourself at Ikea YET AGAIN to buy more storage? Well todays podcast guest tells you how to get rid of the clutter around your home and how it can help you feel great.

Podcast | The Content Planning Wizard | Interview with Amy Downes

A podcast interview with Amy Downes of Te Content Planning Wizard. We spoke about creating content for your business with Amy giving lots of great tips to help you get seen